Why is Asphalt Recycling Important

Why is Asphalt Recycling Important

When it comes to the importance of the asphalt recycling process for preserving the environment and constructing our roads, Hackensack Paving, a Hackensack asphalt paving firm, receives a lot of inquiries. The value of recovered asphalt pavement is something we want to make sure clients are aware of.

The ability to commute to work, complete errands, and drop off children at school depends on asphalt roads in the United States. Due to this, it’s crucial that we carefully consider how much of our asphalt trash we send to landfills and how to recycle used asphalt.

The importance of recycling asphalt for the environment and your wallet is explained here.

Helps Conserve Limited Natural Resources

The amount of aggregate and asphalt that must be mined, quarried, and carried to our communities is reduced when old asphalt is recycled. Recycling helps preserve our finite natural resources by lowering the amount of new asphalt we need to produce.

Recycled asphalt contributes to LEED credits since it has a smaller environmental impact than virgin asphalt. You might wish to find out if recycled asphalt is available if you intend to have your building LEED certified.

Customers’ education on “greener” asphalt paving techniques is important to the Hackensack asphalt paving contractors at Hackensack Paving. For your subsequent paving job, whether it be a driveway or a parking lot, we are equally committed to earning your satisfaction.

Saving Energy

The production of asphalt requires a lot of energy. Before it can be delivered to your asphalt paving contractor, asphalt must first be mined and extracted from the ground and then transported over great distances. As opposed to this, crushed asphalt from nearby parking lots or driveway resurfacing is often what is used for recycled asphalt. In other words, used asphalt can be recycled for paving roads, parking lots, and driveways after it has been removed from the ground.

Limits Landfill Waste

We can drastically lessen landfill waste because asphalt is 100 percent recyclable. 75 million tons of asphalt are really kept out of American landfills thanks to recycling. Reduced trash input helps landfills survive longer, which is only one of the many reasons why grinding and recycling asphalt are crucial.

Spends Less

At a quarter of the cost, recycled asphalt is just as resilient as new asphalt. With each ton of recovered asphalt, contractors can make financial savings. Consumer costs are also reduced when asphalt paving firms pay less for materials. Actually, 1.65 million tons of reclaimed asphalt were used for paving projects in 2013, according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, saving taxpayers more than $2 billion. Cost-wise, recycled asphalt is much more affordable than new asphalt.

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