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Tips for Springtime Asphalt Maintenance


Take the time to perform a comprehensive visual assessment of your pavement areas once the winter’s hard weather has passed. Pay close attention to any damage because even the slightest fractures could grow into more significant issues. Water can enter into these fractures, freeze overnight, and upon expansion, ruin more of your pavement. These damages should be repaired as soon as feasible. Water can undermine the sub-structure beneath the asphalt and cause sinking, potholes, and even collapse over time.

These potholes are unsafe and ugly for any property, commercial or residential, and if they cause a fall, accident, or injury, you may be putting your own safety at risk. Fixing a few potholes is much less expensive than compensating for personal injury claims or car damage. If there are any potholes, make sure to have them filled in to avoid facing legal action.


Pavement sealing commonly referred to as seal coating, is crucial. One of the greatest ways to keep your asphalt paving from getting damaged and maintaining its best appearance is to sealcoat it. The most important component of any pavement maintenance strategy is the seal coating. The application of either a coal tar pitch or asphalt cement that has been formulated with inert fillers, water emulsifying agents, and/or additives constitutes sealcoating in and of itself. Off-highway pavement surfaces are protected by this combination, which is placed in thin coatings, from oil, gasoline, salt, water, and ultraviolet rays. At least every two years, you should strive to have your asphalt sealed. If you haven’t, now is the time to arrange one while the weather is dry.


Now is the ideal time to repaint your parking lot if the lines are starting to fade. Your parking lot will look much better with a fresh coat of paint, and your customers will know that you care about their health, safety, and well-being. For security and effective parking outside of companies, a parking lot must be well-maintained. Since “appearance is everything” and increases sales and income flow, the ADA requires companies to provide handicap parking and general parking that meets specified requirements and standards for parking lots. This improves the overall safety of walkers, cars, and tourists.

To make it simple for your customers to recognize each of the following places, make sure that they are all freshly painted and lined:

  • a parking area
  • Burning lanes inaccessible areas
  • No-parking areas
  • Bumpy roads and loading areas

A full range of asphalt and parking lot maintenance and repair services are provided by Hackensack Paving. Our team of experts can handle any problem you may have, from line striping to patch repair.


Asphalt is frequently harmed from below by grass and weeds that penetrate its surface. This weakens it over time, making it more prone to breaks and cracks. By maintaining properly weeded and vegetation-free asphalt edges, you can aid in preventing this. You might also think about adding a curb to the asphalt’s borders, which will not only enhance the parking lot’s aesthetic appeal but also lessen the amount of upkeep required to prevent weed and grass development.

One such material that may be used to offer an amazing edging along the border of your driveway and/or asphalt sections is the Belgian block. Belgian block, commonly referred to as cobblestone pavers, should be your choice if you are thinking about utilizing pavers for your driveway edging and want to install the most lasting material.

Many people believe that washing asphalt is a never-ending waste of time because it will eventually become dirty again. What if I told you that it might significantly increase the lifespan of your asphalt? Every day, damage to parking lots of all sizes occurs that is completely avoidable. Maintaining the condition of your asphalt requires routine cleaning. To keep your pavement clear for your visitors, make sure to regularly sweep any rocks, leaves, or other debris off of it. Not only will this improve its appearance, but it will also make it much safer. Keeping your drains clean will help both the drains and the pavement last longer. Be sure to remove any dirt and debris from your drains. To avoid a buildup of water, be careful to check any drains frequently and clear them.

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