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Asphalt is the leading preferred pavement material nowadays because of it being cost-efficient and at the same time having quality results. It makes a surface sturdy, strong, and flexible. Asides from these, it’s much easier to maintain and repair. Paving Hackensack offers this service be it for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, athletic surfaces, and even private roads.

We are fully equipped with our professional manpower, high-quality materials, perfected methods, and proper tools and machine. If you’re from Hackensack New Jersey and are planning to have an asphalt pavement installed or repaired, just give us a call and our friendly staff will attend to your inquiries promptly!

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Regardless of how big or small, and of how basic or unique, Paving Hackensack can do the job perfectly.

Keep your pavement well-maintained to increase you property’s value and to make good impressions to visitors or your customers.

Asphalt is the leading preferred material today. Our services include patching and repair, removal and replacement, resurfacing, and reconstruction.

To minimize water from entering the pavement, this is what you’ll need. Besides acting as a waterproofing agents, it reduces oxidation and also maintains a jet-black color longer.

From driveways to sidewalks, we  have the proper materials and methods for specific regions, type of property, and site conditions.

Continue to make a first good impression to your customers with a well-maintained and installed pavement. 

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