Asphalt Repairs Your Parking Lot May Need This Spring in New Jersey

Asphalt Repairs Your Parking Lot May Need This Spring in New Jersey

The snowiest February on record in New Jersey was February 2021, according to It’s crucial to keep in mind that spring is coming as the winter months progress. Maintaining your parking lot in the early spring might help it last longer.

Despite not being the coldest winter on record, we have had more than enough sleet, snow, and ice to allow the freeze-thaw cycle to develop cracks and potholes.

You must do an inspection of the asphalt surface as soon as the weather clears. You can prioritize spring maintenance on your concrete catch basins or asphalt parking lot with the aid of this inspection.

When the water in the underlying soil causes a structural collapse in the road surface, it creates potholes. Potholes form as a result of this factoring in increased vehicle traffic. The entire year can be used to fix potholes. Fixing a hole in your parking lot shouldn’t be delayed. The cost of filling a pothole increases with the amount of time you wait.


As the asphalt pavement oxidizes and degrades, asphalt cracks appear in your parking lot. If they are not patched, more than half of the cracks in asphalt pavement turn into potholes within three years.

Specialized materials and application equipment are used in the crack sealing/filling procedure. In order for the material to adhere to the crack walls, it is applied to the cracks at a temperature of over 375 degrees. As the pavement expands and contracts, the rubberized material can move with it, keeping water and other debris from getting into the crack.


One of the most frequent causes of asphalt pavement degradation is alligator cracking, also known as fatigue cracking. Extremely unusual cracking patterns that result in resembling an alligator’s skin. If not addressed right away, alligator cracking is regarded as a very serious parking lot issue.

Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive issues to fix; yet, in most circumstances, it is also preventable. If the paving of your parking lot was done properly, the cause of your alligator cracking was the disregard for minor flaws in the pavement’s surface.


One of the first things a potential client or customer notices when visiting your business is the parking lot line markings. Your curb appeal is increased by a neat and precise line-striping treatment. Your lines may occasionally fade throughout the winter due to ice-removing chemicals, snow plow damage, and other factors. A line-striping job can breathe fresh life into a parking lot that is currently in excellent condition.


Various factors can cause a catch basin or storm drain to degrade. Sometimes, when the asphalt parking lot is first constructed, they are installed inappropriately. Water and freeze-thaw cycles are the main offenders.

For your parking lot, catch basins serve as a drainage system. They are incorporated into a concrete or asphalt parking lot to divert stormwater.

Over time, all catch basins will settle or decay. The mortar joints, blocks, and/or frame-grate casting joints grow weak as water enters the basin. The mortar will finally be destroyed by the water. It’s incredibly easy.

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