The Best Way to Protect Your Investment with Asphalt Coating

The Best Way to Protect Your Investment with Asphalt Coating

Asphalt coating is one of the paving firm services that is frequently overlooked. It’s an extra fee that many commercial property owners are unwilling to spend on top of the cost of a newly paved lot. The impulse is understandable given that a new asphalt parking lot can be an expensive investment. However, maintaining that investment requires taking good care of that lot over time, and having an asphalt coating sprayed on your new lot is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so.

How an Asphalt Coating Can Help You Protect Your Lot

An asphalt coating, often known as a sealcoating or parking lot sealer, serves several purposes. First and foremost, an asphalt coating adds another layer of protection to your lot against wear and strain. A sealcoating produces a non-permeable barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating the surface of your asphalt lot, hence reducing water damage. This keeps the moisture from freezing in cold temperatures and leaves cracks behind when it thaws.

These fissures, which are frequently practically undetectable at first, will only expand with each freeze and thaw cycle. If left unchecked, these cracks can become large enough to produce potholes. A parking lot with potholes is not just ugly; it is also dangerous. Patching potholes become more expensive as a lot number and size increase, but an asphalt coating can prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Long-Term Security for Your New Asphalt Parking Lot

Asphalt is a rather durable paving material. Having said that, even the best-kept parking lots will show signs of wear and tear over time due to continual exposure to the elements. Having an asphalt coating sprayed on your lot can provide additional protection from the weather for an additional three to five years, extending the life of your lot.

This does more than only prevent cracks from forming. An asphalt coating’s long-term protection also keeps your lot appearing like it was paved yesterday. Seal coats protect your asphalt from UV rays, preventing it from deteriorating to a drab, lifeless gray. This improves the curb appeal of your commercial property, which can help attract more business.

The Final Say on Asphalt Coating

To be really honest, your parking lot does not necessarily require an asphalt sealcoat. At the same time, the benefits of a sealcoat for your newly-paved lot are so great that not having one done to your lot is a losing proposition. The truth is that if you don’t sealcoat your lot, you’ll end up spending a lot more money on lot upkeep than you would otherwise.

If you want to save money on overall upkeep, extend the life of your lot, and ensure that your commercial property looks great for years to come, investing in an asphalt coating is the ideal option.

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