The Best Asphalt Sealer to Keep Your Asphalt Safe

The Best Asphalt Sealer to Keep Your Asphalt Safe

Your new asphalt parking lot is a significant investment that took a significant amount of time and works to complete just as you desired. That’s why a decent sealcoat is your best choice for safeguarding your investment. But which blacktop sealer is ideal for keeping that clean, gleaming, black stretch of asphalt appearing brand new? Here’s what you need to know.

The best blacktop sealer is one that protects your parking lot

Let’s face it: there are dozens of different brands of blacktop sealers on the market. Each one does a fantastic job of keeping your asphalt from deteriorating over time, but there are some significant variances between them. Direct comparisons are difficult because sealer manufacturers employ proprietary formulations, but there are some general principles to follow.

To begin with, the best blacktop sealer is most likely one that employs filled-sealer formulae. These asphalt sealers have more solid chemicals that fill in small cracks and holes left behind from the paving process, protecting them from the weather better than sealers with fewer solids. Another method to tell whether a sealer is good is if it has a longer guarantee than others. Because even the best blacktop sealer deteriorates over time, sealers with longer warranties are usually of superior quality.

Other Distinctions Between Good and Poor Sealcoating Products

When it comes to selecting the best blacktop sealer, the type of fill and the length of warranty are good indicators, but there are other factors to consider as well. The first is the overall cost of the sealer, which can be calculated either per bucket of sealcoating or per job performed by your paving contractor. More expensive sealers typically last longer and provide better coverage, though this is not always the case. When hiring a paver to sealcoat your driveway, you should always seek estimates from two or more different companies to compare prices.

Be mindful that doing it yourself may end up being more expensive in the long term than hiring a contractor to sealcoat your asphalt. This is due to the fact that paving businesses can purchase professional-grade sealers in bulk, whereas you are confined to 5-gallon buckets from your local hardware store. This means that hiring a professional may save you money on a higher-quality sealer.

Don't Go It Alone: Seek Professional Assistance

Even with the information presented here, choosing the best asphalt sealer for your parking lot or driveway might be difficult. After all, balancing cost with effectiveness isn’t easy – and neither is applying a sealcoat oneself! That is why it is best left to the professionals.

The best option for sealcoating is to use a local paving contractor who has years of expertise in sealing asphalt against the elements. Not only will they get the job done well, but it will also be less expensive than doing it yourself. That’s what we call a win-win situation!

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