The Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

The Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

At Hackensack Paving, we want your sidewalk, parking lot, or driveway to last as long as possible while still being sturdy and attractive. So every two to three years, we advise applying an asphalt sealcoating. In order to give you as much time as possible to enjoy your newly coated area, our experts work fast and use the best materials. Here are a few advantages of a high-quality asphalt sealcoating:

Harm from water

Protecting your asphalt from water damage is one of the key benefits of sealing it. A typical cycle of freeze-thaw might be harmful during the colder months. If the asphalt on your property contains fractures, rainwater will soak into these fissures. The water in the cracks will freeze and grow as soon as it gets cold and starts to get chilly. The water will melt during the day and then overnight it will freeze once more. The continual expansion of water caused by this cycle can eventually cause damage that needs to be corrected by enlarging your asphalt fissures.

You won’t have to worry about your paved area every time it rains, sleets, or snows since we can add an extra layer of protection with asphalt sealcoating.


The most frequently used regions of asphalt are parking lots, driveways, and roads. These places are prone to spills because of heavy traffic. Some liquids with chemical bases can change the composition of your asphalt, although many liquids won’t. They include things that can eat away at your asphalt, such as oil, gas, grease, acetic acid, and more. To stop spills from entering your paved area, Hackensack Paving suggests sealcoating your asphalt on a regular basis. Additionally, sealcoating can keep your region from being stained by liquids.


Nothing looks better than newly placed asphalt. You’ll see the area has a rich, deep hue that gives it depth and makes the space around it appears fantastic as soon as an installation is finished. You can get the same aesthetic appeal by sealing your asphalt (without all of the installation time). A rich, dark sealcoating might help you if you wish to enhance the appearance of your house or structure.


The longevity of your paved area might be increased overall by sealcoating your asphalt. You may feel certain that you are taking good care of your paved area when you choose a reputable paving firm (like Hackensack Paving) to apply an even coat of high-quality material. Sealcoating can help you prevent having to resurface or replace your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk, which can lower your long-term repair costs.

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