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Smooth Sailing: Addressing Typical Issues in Residential Paving

Walking on our driveways or around our neighborhoods, we often don’t notice the smooth paths under our feet and wheels. However, these paths face many problems that can make them look bad and weaken them. Things like cracks, potholes, and low spots can pop up and make our paths less friendly. We must understand and handle these problems to keep our paths safe, pretty, and vital for everyone. It’s essential to fix them so our paths stay in good shape and are enjoyable to walk or drive on. Hackensack Paving Company delivers superior results and unmatched customer satisfaction.

The Primary Cause of Pavement Failure

The main reason pavements break down is water getting underneath them, which could be betterrible for their base. This sets off a chain reaction of problems, like erosion, more cracks forming, and ugly bumps and holes appearing. Plus, constantly changing weather makes things worse by making the pavement materials expand and contract. We need to make the pavement stronger and deal with drainage issues to stop all this from happening. By doing this, we can make sure the pavement lasts longer and doesn’t fall apart as quickly. Strengthening the pavement and fixing drainage problems are essential steps to keep our paths and roads in good shape for a long time.

Common Asphalt Problems & Solutions

Cracking: Asphalt paths often get cracks because they’re old, exposed to weather, or need to be installed correctly. If the cracks are small, homeowners can fix them by putting on asphalt crack sealant to prevent water from getting in and worsening the cracks. But it’s better to call in professionals if the cracks are big. They have unique ways to fill and seal the cracks properly, making sure the path stays strong and doesn’t break down more in the future.

Depressions: As cars drive on it or if it wasn’t packed down well when it was first put in, the pavement can get low spots or dips. If the dips are small, you can fill them with asphalt. But for more significant dips, it’s best to get help from professionals. They know how to make the pavement flat again and firm so it won’t dip more.

Potholes: Potholes are holes in the road made by water that freezes and thaws. You can fill them temporarily with cold asphalt mix, but for a better fix, professionals use hot asphalt. This way, they can adequately fill the hole, repairing last longer, even with traffic and bad weather.

Raveling: Surface deterioration often leads to raveling, characterized by loose aggregate and a rough texture. Homeowners can mitigate this issue by applying a rejuvenating asphalt sealer, which helps restore the surface and prevent further deterioration. However, severe cases may necessitate professional intervention, such as resurfacing, to effectively rejuvenate the 

Pavement and Ensure its long-term durability.

Upheaval: Pavement upheaval, characterized by lifting or bulging, is typically caused by underlying factors like tree roots or poor drainage. Professional assistance is essential for diagnosing and remedying these issues effectively. Experts can address the root cause, whether it’s by addressing drainage problems or removing intrusive roots, to prevent future upheaval and ensure the pavement’s stability and longevity.

Addressing Drainage Problems

A proactive approach to addressing drainage issues is vital for ensuring the long-term durability of pavement. Enhancing drainage involves various strategies, such as providing proper slopes away from paved areas, installing drainage features like French drains or catch basins, and regularly maintaining clean gutters and downspouts. By implementing these measures, the risk of erosion and pavement damage can be significantly reduced, safeguarding the integrity and longevity of the paved surfaces. Moreover, adequate drainage protects the pavement and contributes to overall property aesthetics and functionality, making it a valuable investment in keeping a secure and appealing environment.

DIY Solutions vs. Professional Advice

When addressing pavement issues, there’s a crucial distinction between DIY solutions and seeking professional advice. While DIY approaches may suffice for minor problems, more complex or extensive issues demand the expertise and tools that paving contractors bring. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience to tackle challenging situations effectively, ensuring that repairs are thorough and enduring. By enlisting professional assistance, homeowners can rest assured that their pavement receives the meticulous attention it deserves, resulting in long-lasting fixes that enhance safety and preserve the integrity of their property’s infrastructure for years to come.


Maintaining residential paving is manageable with understanding common problems and proactive maintenance. Whether sealing cracks, patching potholes, or improving drainage, homeowners can enhance safety, aesthetics, and property value. Enlisting professional help for complex issues ensures the longevity and integrity of paved areas, ensuring smooth travels for years to come.

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