02 - pavement terms

Paving Terms You Must Know

Some phrases in the paving industry could be somewhat foreign to you if you’re not in it. We’re here to help and have provided a glossary of terminology with definitions so you may better understand what our concrete paving company does.


a substance used as a foundation for concrete that is formed from crushed stone, sand, and gravel.


when a single section of asphalt contains several fissures. The region typically resembles an alligator’s skin.


As a surfacing agent, asphalt is a naturally occurring liquid that is combined with sand or gravel.


materials used in paved areas that are put after the subgrade but before the asphalt. Crushed stone, sand, or gravel can all be used as bases.

Relative Failure

When a building or vehicle’s weight is too much for the foundation material to hold, this happens. Base failures resemble holes in the pavement.


An additional name for asphalt.


when a piece of machinery is utilized to further compact dirt, sand, or another type of base material.


is a fluid that contains cement, sand, gravel, and water and hardens to stone.


pavers in a line.


an accumulation of white powder on soil or rocks. Efflorescence typically happens in dry areas when mineral-rich surface water rises to the surface and evaporates.


mixing items that would not typically be combined. Take asphalt emulsion, for instance, which consists of water and asphalt combined with an emulsifying agent.


A substance that fills cracks but does not always seal them is called a filler.

Freeze Heave

When water collects between and beneath the pavers, it freezes, expands, and lifts the pavers higher. We refer to this as frost heave.

Sand Joint Stabilizer

a stabilizing agent that is put to joint sand to stop it from shifting, weed or moss growth, and water seepage.


the act of using paving equipment to spread hot asphalt.


the procedure of removing an area of worn-out pavement and putting in a fresh segment of pavement.


Pavement components are made of a range of materials, including stone, brick, rubber, concrete, and more.

Asphalt Splitter

an instrument for dismantling old pavement. can be operated by hand, machine, and/or hydraulic assistance.


a substance applied to the base and subgrade to improve the adhesion of the asphalt.


the use of wooden or metal tools to level the sand bedding.


a liquid coating applied to asphalt to protect it and bring out its original color.


putting the sealer on the asphalt.


the prepared dirt that will sustain a brand-new section of pavement.

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