The healing process and athletic performance are brought closer together with the use of Parabolic. Its staff of physical therapists with doctorates and sports performance coaches with national certifications work together synergistically to diagnose, treat, and strengthen each client to help them reach their full potential. They’re well out in front of the pack, with high-demand procedures among professional athletes and trainers. These professionals aim to help their clients realize their full physical potential, regardless of whether or not they have suffered an injury. Until now, only the very best athletes had access to the training offered today. Learn more about Hackensack.

The mission of Parabolic is to make its knowledge and experience available to the entire population. The idea that maximizing one’s physical potential requires a personal commitment to correct movement and balance of the body is the guiding principle behind the Parabolic method. It provides customized attention and small class settings, and after a thorough evaluation of the client, it tailors a curriculum according to their needs. This program is customized for each client, considering their unique abilities, constraints, and objectives to design practical and goal-oriented exercise routines. Each exercise is constantly evaluated and refined to attain the best results. Parabolic clients can recover from injuries and realize their full potential as athletes due to this method, just as their professional counterparts can. At the moment, Parabolic runs its operations out of six cutting-edge facilities located in the states of New Jersey: Fairfield, Hackensack, Little Falls, Montclair, and New Providence.


Their number one goal is client contentment.

They are immediately relaxed the moment they enter. Customers feel regarded and treasured. The atmosphere they provide is welcoming, and they ensure that their customers’ time here is 

well spent.


They go by the name Parabolic. The way they conduct themselves reflects the pride they have in the organization. They show respect for one another and the environment in which they operate as they do for their clients.


Their company, services, and even ourselves are all subjects of their never-ending quest for advancement. They only recruit the most qualified candidates and encourage them to pursue education, take calculated risks, and grow professionally from their experiences. In every facet of their day, they question themselves, “How can I do this better?” Then they do what you need to make it a better situation.

It always delivers more than expected.

For the simple reason that they care so much about customers, their items are of higher quality. Every time a customer comes in, they anticipate being blown away.


Physical Therapy

Their physical therapy program aims to provide patients with the highest possible level of treatment at all times. That’s something they’ve worked hard on, and it’s something they feel physical therapists have Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. The concerns of arthritis, back pain, neck discomfort, joint injuries, stress injuries, and post-surgical treatment are just some of the conditions their therapists are qualified to handle.

While offering therapy for the whole body, their team of trained specialists is available to answer any concerns you may have. Each patient receives care that is uniquely designed for them. Patient. Their objective is to permanently close the performance gap between the healing process and athletic competition. If you have any queries about their services or the insurances that they take, please feel free to contact them.


Small Group Performance Training

This is an in-depth look at what each person needs to support their objectives regarding lifestyle, sports, and day-to-day activities. Their performance program emphasizes components of training that will aid in preventing injuries, improving athletic performance, building strength, reducing body fat, and generally preparing the body for action.

Group Fitness

This is the approach that they use for all different levels of fitness in their theme-based group training. The structure of their program and schedule has been devised to ensure that it is compatible with the unique objectives of participants within the community context. The specific aim will determine the group’s emphasis, including targeted strength training, cardiovascular exercise, fat reduction, core work, or complete body exercises. The diversity of courses will assist the athlete in maintaining their concentration on their objective. In a meditative and productive setting, enjoyable for the group, they will make sure that the customers of Parabolic get the most out of themselves.

Youth Group Training


This is geared at youngsters between the ages of 5 and 8. Because of this activity’s high energy level, children will be running, leaping, tossing, catching, and moving in various directions. Children will benefit from this time by having the opportunity to develop and strengthen their general gross motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, and total body awareness. They urge all young athletes to enjoy themselves while maintaining a good attitude while training. Their goal is to contribute to a more positive conception of physical fitness.


Their Performance Training Model has been adapted to look like this version. Given that the ages of their participants vary from 9 to 11, they describe it as “tailored,” while the focus remains the same. They are here with a sense of humor and a focus on improving general body awareness, movement preparation, relative body strength, balance and coordination, and self-confidence. Their youth program is an excellent approach to instill a commitment to health and fitness in today’s young people and show them how to have fun.

Massage Therapy

A calming form of stress reduction and pain relief, massage therapy may help alleviate discomfort in the back and neck. There are several painkillers and muscle relaxers available nowadays. Other health advantages include improved circulation, decreased blood pressure, and a more restful night of sleep. Talk to a trained specialist at Parabolic to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy and how it may assist you.

Summer mini camps

Beginning on June 14th and continuing through September 3rd, the Sports Performance Coaches team at Parabolic will host three different Mini Camps during the summer for children aged 9 to 17. Their sites in Little Falls, New Providence, and Hackensack will make them available to customers.

Tele Physical Therapy

Through virtual Tele Physical Therapy, the team of premier Physical Therapists at Parabolic will continue your existing treatment plan for conditions such as arthritis, back pain, neck pain, joint injuries, stress injuries, and post-surgical care.


What types of insurance do you accept?

They can deal with the vast majority of insurance providers and accept all sorts of insurance, including Medicare. They do not get membership in any HMO or EPO insurance plans. If you have an insurance plan accepted here, the highly experienced front desk staff will make the whole procedure as simple and uncomplicated as possible. They begin by collecting your information, and after that is complete, they will make all of the required phone calls on your behalf. We’ll be calling to schedule a meeting with you when they have verified your benefits and determined that your insurance plan will reimburse your visits.

Does a doctor’s note or referral have to be made before I can start physical therapy?

No. Direct access rules regulate the practice of physical therapy in the state of New Jersey. These regulations specify, in plain language, that a licensed physical therapist is permitted to provide physical therapy services even without a prescription or recommendation from a medical doctor. This implies that they can serve as your primary point of contact for any rehabilitative or therapeutic requirements that you may have. If you already have a prescription from your primary care physician, that is not a problem either. In any case, you will be able to start your therapy right away.

Who will oversee my care, and does everyone follow the same treatment plan?

A physical therapist will give your treatment. You’ll be getting one-on-one attention from your physical therapist. Throughout your physical therapy sessions, address your problem areas and attain your desired results. After your first assessment, you will be treated and given a prescription for a program designed specifically to address your main problem. They have found that including the patient in their treatment produces the most significant outcomes. Let their physical therapists aid in your recovery!

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You may contact them at (201) 880-7663 or learn more about them online.

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