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The Ice House is the most substantial facility in the Tri-State area since it contains four rinks of the size standards established by the National Hockey League (NHL). It is generally agreed that the Ice House in New York City is the best facility in the world for figure skating, and information is available from the city in a couple of minutes. Since the first year it was open for business; the Ice House has attracted the attention and praise of a wide variety of people, ranging from Olympic skaters who have won gold medals to NHL professionals. 

One reason is that the Ice House is known for its world-class ice skating rink, which has hosted world-class competitions for decades. In addition to having a convenient location on two levels and a view of the unimpeded rinks, they also have a food court that offers full service, party rooms, and conference rooms. The Ice House is responsible for administering one of the largest full-service hockey and skating Pro Shops within the metropolitan area that encompasses New York City and New Jersey. The expert members of their hockey and skating team can assist you in selecting the suitable equipment to satisfy the needs of your specific level of competition.



Dan May is the director of Ice House Hockey and the prestigious Dr. John J. McMullen Service Award winner. He has been a coach for the past 40 years. At every level of hockey, from Mites to semi-pros, he is the main reason the North Jersey Avalanche is a nationally ranked hockey team. Dan has overseen programs that have helped hundreds of players from the tri-state region improve their skills; many of these players have gone on to have successful careers in both college and the professional ranks. The Avalanche hosts close to forty travel hockey teams competing at various levels, including Tier I and Tier II.


The Ice House provides hockey lessons from some of the most knowledgeable and seasoned coaches in the surrounding area. Their complete coaching team is made up solely of compensated professionals committed to the development of athletes in their community. They have a strong work ethic. Most had experience playing for some of the region’s prestigious high schools and club teams. Several have even gone on to have successful careers playing at the collegiate and professional levels. Dan May, the Director of Ice House Hockey and the recipient of the Dr. John J. McMullen Service Award, has been a coach at every level of the sport over the last four decades, ranging from mites to semi-professionals. 

Dan can offer the coaching staff guidance as well as monitoring. Dan has been in charge of programs that have assisted hundreds of players from the tri-state area in improving their talents. Several of these athletes have since had prominent careers. Careers in the sport’s collegiate and professional tiers.


The Ice House’s figure skating program continues to provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment for skaters just beginning their careers, even though it is known worldwide for producing skaters and coaches who compete at the Olympic level. Even though it is known for producing skaters and coaches who compete at the highest level. Over the last 16 years, the Ice House has been responsible for qualifying over 20-figure skaters for the Olympics competition. Of these skaters, Sarah Hughes, Elena Bereznaia, and Anton Sikharulidze are the only three to have won gold.

Program Details

The Ice House Long Track Speedskating program is the best option for you, regardless of whether you want to compete in the Olympics or enjoy the leisure pleasures of skating.

They provide instruction for skaters of varying ability levels, beginning with Basic 1 and continuing to Pre-Freeskate. They have devised a 4-level Tot curriculum for their students who are 4 and 5 years old that is called Snowplow Sam for them. This is to prepare them for regular courses when they reach that age. In addition to this, they provide classes for both parents and their children! The figure skater will develop a wide range of abilities throughout their career, including the ability to halt and turn, to name just two examples.

The skater will be reviewed once a week to see whether or not they are ready to go on to the next level by one of their accredited testers. They will immediately advance the figure skater to the next level and give them a certificate of success after showing they have mastered the necessary abilities. No skater will ever be prevented from progressing because they are kept below their expertise level.

Freestyle Skating

Freestyle, Dance, and Pair Ice are the three components that make up their On Ice Program. Lessons can be scheduled between and5:55 am and 6:10 pm—Sunday through Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Additionally, ice may be obtained in the mornings and afternoons. There is a session for every level of skater, from those just starting to those rated highly nationwide. To see a comprehensive list of the designations, kindly refer to the schedules for the Freestyle, Pairs, and Dance events. Due to capacity restrictions, every session will have a maximum number of skaters. The regulation on each session will change depending on the lowest designation associated with that specific session.


Sessions of roller skating open to the public are accessible to anybody who would want to participate. The public session is a fantastic chance for skaters of all ability levels, from beginners to experienced skaters, to spend a relaxing and fun time out on the ice. It is appropriate for skaters of all skill levels.

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On the ice, it is critical to protect one’s head by always wearing a helmet for the duration of their stay there.

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