They are women who will not give up their right to privacy to protect their health. Femme functions must have a network of helpers who can push them together and discuss their combined experiences.


Their number one priority is catering to the wants of those people of their community who want an enhanced experience while also providing venues where the most skilled and creative fitness professionals in the area may exhibit their wares. Famous names in consumer goods that have never had the opportunity to test are now available here at Femme.

Personal Training

When you join up for a personal training session at Femme, you can anticipate receiving ongoing information, support, and direction from your trainer. They prioritize their members’ physical and mental well-being and expect them to do the same. Your trainer will keep you responsible while assuring your safety, providing diversity in your workouts, and maximizing their efficiency and impact.

Group Training

Their group exercise sessions, which range from Kickboxing and Boot Camp to Zumba and Yoga, are the places in the gym where the enthusiasm of their community can be experienced to the fullest. In a stimulating setting, you may meet new acquaintances and develop existing ties with others.


Skip the gym and come to the party instead! Join them for a good time in this high-energy dance fitness class influenced by music from worldwide, including Latin rhythms.

Strong Nation

A High-Intensity Interval Training program that incorporates routines for body weight, muscular conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training, all timed to upbeat music.

Total Body Conditioning

A workout that improves strength and cardio uses a novel blend of interval training and functional fitness tools.

Soul Body Barre

Your body will be transformed by this invigorating full-body exercise that takes a more athletic approach, combining the concepts of Pilates, yoga, and interval strength training.

Iyengar Yoga

This kind of yoga helps to develop the muscles of the body that are crucial for postures, such as the legs, back, and core. It does this by concentrating on proper alignment.

Mat Pilates

Class with a low impact that focuses on the primary aspects of Pilates, including postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement, and flexibility.

Dynamic Bootcamp

A strenuous blend of calisthenics, cardiovascular interval training, and strength workout will leave you feeling energized and drenched in sweat.

Better Bones

A comprehensive strength class with minimal impact that is appropriate for both novice and experienced exercisers, using light weights, bands, chairs, and other equipment.

Conversations by Thought Leaders

When a person’s bodily, mental, and spiritual states are in harmony with one other, and when they are completely balanced, that person is said to be in a state of wellness. It is a trip that never ends and depending on the circumstances, it will alter you, and it also has the potential to change you. Regularly, they host events at which they invite women from a wide variety of backgrounds to discuss their experiences and the path they’ve taken to achieve a greater degree of well-being.

Nutritional Guidance

A lack of physical fitness has about one-third of the influence on one’s health, as does a poor diet. Their professionals are dedicated to assisting members in making decisions that provide their bodies with the nutrients and energy they need, eventually resulting in noticeable and long-lasting changes.


Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome at Femme. They want you to be a member of their community, which includes access to their 6,000-square-foot facility, regardless of where you are on your path to improved health and well-being. There, you will discover an extensive selection of cardio and weight training apparatus, in addition to a specialized studio that has immersive lighting and a music system that is up to date.

Creating a safe & healthy environment.

• Cleaning Protocols: They will add a rigorous, deep-cleaning and disinfection procedure numerous times throughout the day. This will be in addition to the ongoing cleaning protocols that are now in place. All staff members will be expected to stand behind these stringent cleaning procedures.

• Procedures for Disinfection: In both the continuous and the deep cleaning procedures, disinfectants that fulfill the requirements set out by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, will be used. They have also invested in a portable electrostatic sprayer for the next generation. This sprayer effectively combats germs and provides three times the amount of coverage in the same time as old methods.

• Professional Cleaning: During the week, the location will be cleaned on many occasions by a professional cleaning firm that has been hired.

Sanitizer Stations.

• Hand Sanitizers: Members will be requested to apply hand sanitizer as soon as they enter Femme and regularly while there. This is to help prevent the spread of illness. The solution for hand sanitizer kills up to 99.9% of germs and meets or surpasses the requirements set out by the CDC, which call for 60% alcohol. Hand sanitizer will be accessible at entrances and other points of entry throughout the facility.

• Disinfectant Spray Bottles: Throughout Femme, they will offer disinfectant spray bottles and disposable towels, and members are responsible for pre-and post-event cleaning of all equipment. It is used.

Health checks

• Notifications: They will ask club members and employees to let them know if they had tested positive for COVID-19 during the last 14 days, regardless of when they were last at the club. If there is an actual incidence of COVID-19 at Femme, They will send alerts through email to everybody who may have been exposed to the virus there. Every member must make a reservation for their visit to Femme using Mindbody, their brand-new software platform. By using a reservation system, They will be able to keep track of all of their guests, making contact tracking and communication far more effective.

Personal Protection Equipment.

• Face Coverings: In light of recent amendments to New Jersey’s mask legislation, they have decided to remove the requirement that fully VACCINATED members always wear masks while at Femme. Two weeks after receiving the second dosage of a two-dose series of vaccinations and two weeks after receiving a single dose of vaccination, members are regarded entirely immunized against the disease.

Workouts with a Group

• Access to the Studio: All your lessons will be held in the Power Studio, their most considerable space, with double-height ceilings and an escape door. Before entering the studio, members will be requested to clean their hands with hand sanitizer. During the whole of all courses, the emergency exit will remain unlocked.

Be unapologetic. Be You Be Femme. You may contact them at (201) 549-5200 or check out their website for additional details.

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