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Driveway Design Dilemmas: Real Estate Experts Highlight Seven Trends Losing Favor

Even with an updated inside, outdated driveway designs might give the impression that your house is out of date to visitors who are seeing it for the first time. Real estate brokers advise you to keep a few trends in mind if you want the outside of your house to complement its chic interiors.

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According to Suzi Dailey, a Realtor with Realty ONE Group, large sculptures or figures on each side of the driveway need to be updated. Dailey asserts that “simple and tasteful is much more popular.” “People find elaborate ostentatious and are not fond of it at all.”

Metalized Coatings

According to Joseph Hermon of Oxford Property Group in New York, individuals are taking the farmhouse look outdoors since it is still very much in vogue. “As more people choose to incorporate the modern farmhouse look into their driveways, wood, wood-style plastics, and stone are currently more in style than shiny metals.”


Manual gates are gradually going out of favor, whether due to the growing popularity of gated communities or the fact that home security systems are now accessible at various pricing points. “Gates without remote control are passé because most people are home more often now, and getting up to open and close your driveway gate multiple times each day is considered a nuisance and a turn-off for buyers,” Hermon said.

Loose Stone and Gravel

“Gravel driveways are over — the maintenance is a pain in the rear, and they’re nearly impossible to enjoy for any leisure activities, and that’s a major consideration when you have kids or lots of company coming and going,” Hermon said. “Blacktop is a step up, but pavers are coming back into style in all shades and shapes.”

Asphalt and Stamped Concrete

A Miami realtor with Graber Realty Group, Shane Graber, argues that a well-designed driveway may set the tone for your house. “Driveways made of stamped concrete and asphalt are out.” As an alternative, he claims to see a trend for artistically shaped concrete driveways, paver driveways, and turf stone pavers with little ground impression, letting grass grow between the stones “to create an uber-natural appearance.”

Rectangular Shapes

“The exterior home stage is all about clean lines and minimalism, especially for important entry statements like a driveway,” says executive director of luxury sales at Douglas Elliman and author of The Luxury Real Estate Authority Bonnie Heatzig. She also says homeowners should be bold in altering the driveway’s shape. She says it can be in a different form than when you bought the house. “Your driveway’s shape can adapt to your needs as your lifestyle does.”

Ribbon Driveways

Hollywood driveways, sometimes known as ribbon driveways, are coming to the end of their journey. Where your tires would be, they have only two parallel strips of concrete, according to Brittany Kovatch of Keller Williams North Atlanta. In her opinion, texture, geometric shapes, color, and mixed materials—think concrete and brick or grass block pavers—are the newest trends.

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