Blossom Sisters Dance & Performing Arts is a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3). It was founded by two sisters with the mission of fostering communities that would not otherwise have the financial means to engage in dance arts and providing opportunities for them to do so.

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At-risk adolescents will benefit from professional dance art enrichment and mentorship programs, hopefully inspiring these young people to develop into responsible, creative, and healthy individuals. Youth living in under-served neighborhoods are provided with poise, elegance, discipline, coordination, and academic accomplishment via dance instruction and mentorship programs. Additionally, these programs create self-esteem and self-confidence in the participants.

Why Should Children Participate in Dance and Other Arts?

According to the statistics, sixty percent of urban teenagers and adolescents who do not participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to engage in more gaming and excessive usage; watch more content online, and engage in harmful behaviors.

Children may have difficulties as a result of the following:

In addition, studies have shown that adolescents who participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to succeed academically, have a more positive attitude in their relationships with their families and friends, and have an overall more positive attitude.

Their students gain confidence when participating in extracurricular activities such as dancing since they encourage critical thinking and a constructive release.

Program Services

Blossom Sisters Dream Scholarship Fund

(Grades K-12)

The Blossom Sisters Dream Scholarship Fund supports students who need financial help with their tuition. Every student is required to demonstrate that they need support. The Dream Fund assists families with incomes ranging from low to relatively high. With the help of this aid, each student may take dancing lessons 1-2) of their choosing. If it is required, transportation expenses may be covered by the scholarship. Submitting an official application will result in a decision about tuition assistance based on the number of people in the family and the yearly income. The Blossom Sisters Scholarship Fund needs $44,100 per year to maintain its current level of service to more than 100 students by providing need-based scholarships and allocating $10,000 to cover transportation expenses.

Leadership Program: (Grades 4-12)

 A mentoring program empowers pre-teen and teenage girls ages 9-17 via dance art programs that promote adolescent participation in constructive activities that boost self-worth, leadership abilities, and confidence. Through training in dancing, this program helps young and teenage females gain confidence and self-esteem. Students will grow in their understanding and enjoyment of the arts under the guidance of qualified educators and mentors. Students will be guided through dance-based confidence and self-esteem-building activities led by their mentors. To ensure that all participants’ appropriate preparations have been made for college and to expose them to various cultural arts, academic aid, college preparation, and excursion opportunities will be provided. In addition to participating in mentorship group sessions, this program will receive professional dance tuition in various forms. The program’s first event is a dance showcase, during which the participants get the opportunity to perform for and impress their loved ones. They can modify both the content of their program and its duration to meet the requirements of your community.

Milestones Outreach Afterschool Dance Enrichment Program

In the context of an afterschool program, the Milestones Outreach Dance Enrichment Program (MODE) is an outreach dance residency program made available to schools in New Jersey’s inner cities and organizations that serve the state’s kids. They cater to schools that either has decreased finances for arts education or have lost their arts education programs as a direct result of cutbacks in funding from the state. Children’s lives are enriched via the medium of dance artists as part of their “mentoring through dance” program, which also exposes participants to the wondrous world of dance. The course concludes with a performance showcase in which students demonstrate their skills in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and African Dance. By teaching young dancers the correct technique and so fostering racial and cultural tolerance, the program intends to promote and strengthen diversity. They can modify both the content of their program and its duration to meet the requirements of your community. For children to benefit from the dance education curriculum, classes are often held for anywhere from eight weeks to nine months of the school year.

Blossom Sisters Dance Summer Dream program 

Forty women aged 7 to 16 will participate in an intense summer dancing program lasting between 4 and 8 weeks. In addition to cultivating a love for dance arts, the program offers classes in dance, leadership, mentorship, and STEAM activities. Students will participate in a Media Arts film project and participate in other creative and self-expression fostering activities such as excursions to live theater and dance performances and outdoor recreational activities. There will be a dancing performance after every class.

Dance Art Therapeutic Services

Dancing in the Light

Their work as dance educators aims to treat children and adolescents’ emotional disorders, such as rage and depression, and other family or personal crises connected to these conditions. Dance education from Blossom Sisters aids children’s growth while encouraging healthy coping mechanisms via imaginative play and self-expression. Their group employs creative art, musical, dramatic, and dance/movement therapy, which include creative expression via dancing.

Blossom uses the “Dancing in the Light” intervention to assist with coping, reduce stress, and promote optimal growth. Studies have demonstrated that these supportive therapy services can address children’s psychological, social, and developmental requirements; it enables a kid to express themselves via music and dance expression, employing dance as an avenue to tackle these obstacles.

Blossom Dance Company

Blossom Dance Elite is a program designed for dedicated dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level. Students in the dance company will have the chance to audition due to this program. The dancers are needed to have training in many dance styles, including ballet, jazz, lyrical, and African dance. The company will be allowed to participate in a wide range of community activities, competitions, television auditions, and modeling jobs.

Afternoon Class Program

Blossom Sisters Dance & Performing Arts, Inc. (BSDPA) offers an imaginative replacement for normal youth development and afterschool activities. Students find and develop their unique purpose and creativity as they participate in a wide range of dance arts, academic enrichment, physical activities, and character education in afterschool, day camp, and dance programs.

Students in grades K–12 who take Blossom Sisters Dance lessons thoroughly introduce various artistic disciplines, such as theater, tap, ballet, jazz, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and gymnastics. The program’s extensive offerings also provide students with plenty of assistance to improve their academic performance and physical condition. Blossom Sisters Dance’s comprehensive learning objectives include character education as loving teachers serve as role models and use “teachable moments” to foster virtues like generosity, restraint, and cooperation. Along with summer, winter, and spring camps, afterschool performing arts enable busy families to optimize their chances for lifetime learning efficiently.

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